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Hemp Paper? It's about damn time!

Our newest Member Christoph Bruehl of Hempire Solutions brings some exciting news to the Alberta Hemp and Cannabis industry. Our initial conversation was about hemp paper and innovation in that area. As an artist, I always wondered why it was taking so long to have something that historically was a staple in society. Apparently, it's the high costs associated with producing it now that technology has changed to pulp mills, and there are challenges changing back to hemp and bringing it to market. I really like these conversations because it shows me that there are people like Christoph out there that are undeterred by these challenges, and won't stop until they see their vision through, creating innovation and progressing.

As it turns out, his team also aspires to bring hemp-based packaging solutions to companies looking to differentiate their brands through sustainable, locally sourced packaging materials. Instead of just focusing on industrial hemp as a feedstock, I liked that they also collect waste materials from LPs around the country. This plan, of course, came with regulatory challenges that they overcame. At the Weed Pool, this reinforces our philosophy that the two worlds of Industrial Hemp and "Cannabis" are the same.

In their words: 2021 was an inaugural year for us. As we moved to the end of the year and we were developing proprietary paper blends and working to bring #sustainable#biodegradable containers to the market, we realized #hemp was only part of what we were doing - which was #upcycling materials in the #circulareconomy to #unwastethefuture.

As such - we have re-branded to a new entity, and we welcome all our followers to stay connected via our new page and website, which will launch soon.

Upcycle - A World Without Waste - please join us as we bring new paper and bioplastic container solutions to the world!

The Weed Pool is excited to have another new member do business together and buy their paper! (1) Hempire Solutions: Overview | LinkedIn

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