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Rack and Jurassic Industrial Hemp

We are stoked to be growing two test plots of Rak and Jurrasic from Verve Seeds. These new 2024 hemp varieties are furthering the innovation our industry needs! We will provide updates over the season to show you their progress.

Rak—Bred for the hemp grain farmer, Rak is short-statured, early maturing, and large-seeded, with thousand kernel weights exceeding 20g. It has exceptional tolerance to labelled herbicides for conventional growers but is non-GM and can also be grown organically. Rak has shown exceptional processing characteristics, therefore creating strong demand from processors.

Jurassic—Bred for the hemp fiber farmer, Jurassic is tall (up to 14’), comes out strong, and thrives. Flowering initiates in mid-August, and with that comes another growth spurt. Being late to flower and very tall, Jurassic is not a good option for grain or dual-purpose farming. Jurassic has been a top performer in trials across Canada and the US for biomass/ acre, retted fiber/acre, and hurd/acre.

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