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Spring 2022

Updated: Nov 23

As we brave -30 in Alberta, it is nice to start thinking about a spring plan. For our farm, it is new hemp genetics and even some hops. Plus, there are a few new clones from our fellow Weed Pool member @DoctorPhred. Last year we grew an Early Vixen clone from him in our garden, which was hearty and delicious. Ensure you talk to him about available clones, his excellent fertilizer and soil. We can live without them.

This year, our Blackfalds farm plan will be interesting because we are rotating a few cereal crops and adding some new hemp varieties. Including growing some tall X59 plants for fibre, some Finola for seed, and some CBG and CBD varieties for medicine. I am looking forward to the garden as well.

Thanks to the new members who have joined. We look forward to hearing about your projects and connecting you to the right people and products.

Hopefully, my greenhouse doesn't blow over this year, lol.

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