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Seeds for Uganda Update

From grother Micheal: Brother our Agricultural officers confessed to me that they have never took this study of sativa so deep to know the difference between sativa and indica . We had a meeting with four commissioners and two bought the idea and they are much willing to give us the document but the two told us they need time for their own analysis more so on the risks sides before they commit this country to go in growing sativa. Again as usual they asked me if we should have our last meeting next week. This time I want to carry with me some videos to show them what is being done in other parts of the world. Please, let us give them time as it is now their new course in life. It has been costly to me but I will not give up. And we agreed that in that last meeting I should move with other stakeholders who are willing to take over this project. Now at the Friday meeting , I am going to select the few to join me on this trip. So, we are soon getting there. In the ministry of trade for them they agreed that sativa business is no harm to our country but now it is the agricultural ministry . Because we are going to deal with seed importing they need to be assured about the seeds that they should allow in the country . Thank you . Mwandha Michael .

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