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Ugandan Government Responds

Due to our efforts, the Ugandan government, like every other UN controled government in Africa, has made all Canabis, no matter how small the THC content, a "narcotic" by definition. We must now apply for a "pot" cultivation license; requiring fences and armed guards for the farms and export-only for the crop to EU pharmaceutical companies. So much for helping the people with food security and building materials! If we get permission, we will still grow sativa "narcotic hemp" and indica for export as well....just with a lot more profit...that is if the government grants a licence, and we are not sure if they will, but are sure that if they do they will want a lot of taxes from the farmers.

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Apr 26

That's very disheartening, especially after all of your hard work. Be patient as more global markets unlock; hopefully, the international policy framework will relax. That is assuming people will follow legalization trends in countries like Canada. Keep fighting the good fight, and dont give up!

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